President Silverberg Associates Publicity

by Mirian Silverberg

I have always loved fashion, receive many compliments on my appearance and write a fashion column for Epoch Times.
Owning a boutique publicity firm in Manhattan, I have to look chic and striking at all times and do. Fashion does affect me in
that I feel I must look good. I must exercise and diet and love the fact that I am model thin. I am not a slave to fashion. I
follow Coco Chanel's dictum that "fashion changes but style remains." I wear what's stylish providing it looks good on me (I'm
only 5' tall) but I have enough self confidence to make my own style. I say my style is classic chic with an individualistic edge.
I am among the first wave of baby boomers so I'm old enough to have made my mistakes and learned from them.
Miriam Silverberg, President Miriam Silverberg Associates Publicity 212-832-7425

Silverberg Miriam
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