Plus Size Teen Fashion Model

Kailee Smith

We are delighted to bring you our interview with teen fashion model Kailee Smith.

We asked Kailee what she liked the most about modeling?

I love the fact that in modeling you can be whatever you want to be!

One day they might shoot you as a famous rock star and the next job they may shoot you as an astronaut, it just depends on the client and the product your selling.

I think once models get past the “Its all about me” stage, they can truly appreciate the opportunity they have been given, then they can have fun and shine.


As a new model what type of modeling assignments are you working on?

Well, I am just starting out, I have done small local gigs, But as far as big jobs so far, I have worked for Mervyn's, that was alot of fun!

Recently I did a photo shoot with Christopher Jensen promoting Aids/HIV awareness, my picture is going to be in his book and the YouthAIDS newsletter for their Kick Me campaign.

I am a finalist for the cover shot, of the first print edition of Bombshell magazine.Kaille is one the newest models to Click Model Management.

How did you get started in modeling?

Ok, I am not just saying this to toot my own horn, you did ask, lol!

But, my Mom said, ever since I was born, people were always drawn to me.

Perfect strangers used to stop and stare, wherever we went, they wanted to know all about me.

As I got a little older people used to think I was or looked like Olivia (AKA Raven Symone) from the Cosby show, which reminds me, hey Raven if your reading this, I am a huge fan and would love to meet you one day!

When I was 4 my Mom entered me into Model Search 94 and that’s when it all began…I did local jobs, catalog and print. But when I hit 9 years old and things started to really take off for me, I started loosing interest, my Mom didn’t want to be one of “Those Moms” and force me to continue, so she pulled me out.

It wasn’t till a few years ago that I began to get back involved, I realize now, this is something I was born to do! I could be having the worst possible day or sick as a dog, but as soon as I step in front of the camera I just, come to life!

What are some of your favorite designers you like to wear and exciting changes that you see in fashion?

Hmmm…There’s a lot of designers I absolutely love, but they don’t make clothes in my size, all I can do is admire them from afar *sigh* (hopefully thats about to change)… Although I am on the small end of plus size, still its hard to find High End Designer clothes that will fit me. You know that old saying "If you cant find a way, make a way", I firmly believe that! Here are some designers who are making a way...

Where to begin…ELENA MIRO my hero! Her clothes are amazing! Elena’s clothes celebrate womanly curves, not scorn them. Jean- Paul Gaultier and John Galliano are hero’s of mine as well, returning to the catwalk to represent the voluptuous ideal of feminine beauty in their design’s.

I also love my SVOBODA jeans, if your curvy and you want comfortable, sexy jeans you want a pair of Jessica SVOBODA’s, once you wear them, you wont be able to live without them. Trentacosta has Amazing soft, beautiful feminine dresses, and I cant say enough about Anna Scholz, her design’s are very curvy couture.

I am excited for the future of plus size models, I believe I am part of the next generation of young women to change the shape of fashion. Its all about being a Role Model as well, and that’s how I see myself… “Super Role Model” Kailee Smith!

We see a bright modeling future for this very charming and adorable new face to the modeling world.


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