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Nevichi Spokesmodel:  Christy Joiner

Nevichi Spokesmodel: Christy Joiner


Christy Joiner, 30, a successful model in her own right, has recently been named to be the 2008 spokes-model for a national cosmetics line, Nevichi Cosmetics.

Christy is a graduate of Henderson High School in Atlanta. She attended the University of Alabama, University of Georgia, and Georgia State University. At the University of Georgia, she was an active member of Kappa Delta Sorority, where she remains an alumni.

The all-American beauty recently became a published writer and cover model. Christy received recognition for her poetry when she won a national poetry contest. Her winning poem was written about her near-death experience. Entitled "The Death of Me," it was published in the International Library of Poetry and won the Editor's Choice Award.

Christy has also signed with a major modeling agency. She appears in a myriad of magazines. Among them are Tallahassee Magazine, Emerald Coast Magazine, Hawaiian Tropic, Stuff Magazine, and she is a semi-finalist in Maxim Magazine. The newest magazine cover that the model has adorned in the February issue of Register Magazine.

This is the newest magazine cover Christy is on.

In addition to magazines, she appears on billboards and in catalogues. She sometimes works under a show business name in order to protect her low-profile in her home of Colquitt.

When talking with Christy, she admitted that she never dreamed of becoming a model for the very makeup that she was buying and using in her career.

In a recent notice from Charles Nevichi, CEO and founder of Nevichi Cosmetics, a national cosmetic firm, he stated, "Christy kind of embodies one of the looks that we're using for our spokesmodels, an all-American look."

Nevichi is jumping to the beauty forefront by using Christy Joiner, as the newest 2008 spokesmodel for the national cosmetic company.

Christy stated, "I am a makeup fanatic, and I was always finding out from the dermatologist I go to which products wouldn't make me age quicker, and I heard about Nevichi."

She continued that in her quest for perfect skin, which helps in her modeling career, she found that the cosmetics she was using was looking for a spokes-model.

"I decided I would try out for the position and contacted Charles Nevichi, the founder and owner of the company," Christy said. "I didn't expect to hear anything back because it's such a big company." she continued.

Within 24 hours, the Colquitt model heard back from Nevichi Cosmetics and was told that she was just what he was looking for.

A spokesman for the compa- ny stated that Joiner's blonde hair and blue eyes made the perfect addition to where the campaign is going to.

"And the fact that she had experience made it easier. She has a very bubbly personality, and she's easy to work with," Nevichi added.

CEO Charles Nevichi invites everyone to check their website to see our wonderful products and our beautiful spokesmodel.

Christy is the daughter of Brenda Joiner and the late Jerry C. Joiner of Colquitt.

Ready for her close-upAlbany native Christy Joiner is the newest spokesmodel for a national cosmetic line.ASHLEY HINDSMAN
COLQUITT — When Jeri Christy Joiner was online one day satisfying her love of makeup purchases, she never imagined that she would one day model the very makeup she was buying.
But as the 2008 spokesmodel for Nevichi Cosmetics, the Albany native said she is still trying to wrap her mind around the idea.

“I was so grateful because I love the makeup. It’s easier to be a spokesmodel and to represent a company that you’re passionate about,” Joiner, 30, said during a telephone interview.

“I am a makeup fanatic and I was always finding out from the dermatologist I go to which products wouldn’t make me age quicker and I heard about Nevichi,” she said.

In her quest for perfect skin, Joiner also found out the cosmetic line was looking for a spokesmodel, something with which she was already familiar.

“I pretty much began modeling in college,” said Joiner, a University of Georgia graduate. “I did a lot of catalog work and things like that.”

But even as a 5-year-old, Joiner said she can remember showing off for the cameras at First Methodist Church’s televised service.

“I love the camera and I was just such a ham,” she laughed.

She decided to try out for the position and to contact Charles Nevichi, owner and founder of the line.

“I didn’t expect to hear anything back because it’s such a big company. Within 24 hours I got an e-mail back from him stating that I was exactly what he was looking for,” Joiner explained.

In fact, Nevichi was so impressed with her that he said she resembled Catherine Deneuve, a famous French actress and model who represented Chanel No. 5 in the ’70s and caused sales to skyrocket.

Joiner admitted she didn’t know whether to take the comparison as a compliment or an insult.

“I’m not in the loop of knowing people like Catherine, but I Googled her and she kind of did resemble me. He (Nevichi) said ‘I want you to be my Catherine Deneuve and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I hope she’s not ugly,’ ” Joiner laughed.

Nevichi said Joiner’s blonde hair and blue eyes made the perfect addition to where the campaign is going.

“Christy kind of embodies one of the looks that were using for our spokesmodels, an all-American look,” he said.

“And the fact that she had experience made it easier. And she has a very bubbly personality and she’s easy to work with,” Nevichi added.

Joiner said it is quite a turn around for her to be a model since she didn’t fit in when she was in high school.

“I’ve always been really tall and thin and I was never really popular in high school because I didn’t look normal,” said Joiner, who stands 5-foot-8. “I guess I was kind of gawky. I didn’t go to my prom but in the end it was a blessing and I’m glad God gave me this opportunity.”

She said she isn’t at all nervous about being in hair shows and on print and TV ads because even the most popular models went through an awkward phase.

“I’ve always looked up to Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford. I always have thought, ‘Wow, they weren’t real popular either,’ ” Joiner said.

Joiner said she is just glad to be able to do what she loves and hopes to have fun doing it.

“I love makeup” she said. “It’s my passion. I’m not nervous because it doesn’t cause me any anxiety. I don’t know what it is about the camera that I’ve always loved but I’m just a ham for it. I don’t think too much or over analyze to where I get nervous.”

“I’m just so pleased and so grateful,” she added. “I feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world.” See Christy at and try the latest products for beauty.

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re NEW
by: RoxanneSlater

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Christy's "Inner Beauty" sets her apart
by: Gary Schumann

This Stunningly BeAutiful womans' "inner beauty" is what sets her apart from all others. Her "inner beauty" is her heart and soul. They are both filled with love, understanding, empathy, careing, understanding,helpfulness and So many many other qualities. This then is her "inner beauty" her inner beauty is the center of her outer beauty. She is also god"s gift to everyones' life that she is in and that she touches. Chrisrt is also very talented in the arts as well. She plays the piano as well as sings. I was one of the first people blessed to hear her writing "The Death of Me". I admit that I love her so very much She Is a true LADY in every sense of the word. I ask that God continues to bless her and her life and continues to keep His Impenetrable bubble of protection completelyaround her Always. I miss you Christy. Yours Always. Gary Schumann. Soft kisses for a very Silky and beautiful LADY X X X

by: Anonymous

gorgeous-just look at those eyes.

Effortless Chick
by: Anonymous

It is rare in the industry that we meet an effortless chick, and Christy has an absolute kindness with a humble attitude. That bubbly personality combined with her classic beauty and empathetic blue eyes displays a level of strength and that great inner ability to listen with wisdom beyond her years makes you feel that she must be an "Old Soul". Any successful model has to endure constant scrutiny and rejection; Christy is not the average model, and we clicked immedetiately with her at Fashion Week. In a superficial world, a lot of models get burned and hardened quickly. With Christy, it is different because she stays grounded with her giddy laughter and quick wit and her overall attitude of "Who Cares...If Someone has formed an opionion and decided who I am, without taking time to really get to know me, why should I care? It does not change who I am! I am TRUE TO MYSELF and that is all that matters," Christy publicly stated after a high-profile breakup that circulated false statements about her. That is what we like the most about her: Christy Joiner is the classic beauty, the gorgeous model, and best of all, she is the effortless chick.

Its Me!!! Thank you Renee!!!
by: Christy Joiner

What an Honor!!! I am pleasantly surprised and very grateful to have such positive, supportive, and encouraging people. Wow!!! Thank you Renee for this lovely page and you are a beautiful soul, and thank you to all my friends and Fans out there for believing in me!!! Peace to all... With love and Respect, C.J.

by: renee'

Hi Christy, thanks for sharing this great news for us .. we look forward to all your updates!

Congrats renee'


As Pretty as A White Lily . . .
by: Thomas O'Callaghan, Author

I've had the distinct pleasure and honor of getting to know this truly talented woman. Her natural beauty is evident. Radiant, in fact. But it's her inner beauty that promises a long and well deserved career in a profession that undoubtedly chose HER!

~ thomas

Beautiful to know!
by: Kelly Moran, author

I've recently gotten to know Christy in a general way, and I found her sweet, sincere, and smart. Nice to know she can write and model. She is a natural beauty- inside and out.
Kelly Moran,
author and reviewer

by: Anonymous

Beautiful, Impressive, Talented Lady who was BORN to stand out! Nevichi is fortunate to have her on his team. Christy the most beautiful and compassionate Top Model I know...she is a gift.

talented model and writer
by: Anonymous

Christy Joiner is quite a talented woman. We often idolize models not knowing that some didn't quite fit in when they were in high school because of their tall and thin build. Many probably felt rather gawky and out of place. So nice to hear where she is now compared to how she felt then and to read to a story about a model who is a writer as well.

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