Amateur Teen Fashion Model

You are just starting your modeling career you are a Amateur Teen Fashion Model.

How do you get to Professional Teen Fashion Model?

First we don't ever recommend Freelance Modeling (working with out a modeling agent).

What is a amateur teen fashion model?

It is a model just starting out in the fashion industry.

What kinds of work can you expect to do?

Models just begining their modeling career can do all sorts of modeling jobs. Like..

  1. Charity fashion shows
  2. promotional modeling assignments - handing out flyers or samples of products for a client in a mall or store
  3. Test shoots for for photographers who want to work with the agency you are with
  4. Spec print bookings

More details of bookings for Amateur Teen Fashion Models

Charity fashion shows

Sometimes a model will be paid anywhere from no fee to $75 dollars a show and up

Charity shows and benefit events will give a new model a chance to work with them because there may not be a large budget to put on the event so they will do a casting for girls just starting out with the look they are looking for to meet their budget to raise money for the benefit

Promotional Modeling Assignments

Clients look to hire new models as they are looking for new faces to sample their products

Many of the girls doing promotional modeling work are very young unless it is a promotion for a night club where there is an age requirement

Test Shoots

If your agency is offering a test shoot always take the booking if they recommend you to

It is a great opportunity for you to add photographs to your portfolio, learn new looks and moves in front of the camera

There will be no pay for you for a test shoot - but you will get new photos and sometimes the photographer is willing to include in the shoot any shots you maybe missing in your book or new shots that you need to promote yourself

Spec Print Bookings

Spec Print is when a photographer is willing to shoot for a client for no fee in the hopes that the client will like their work and book them on future assignments another option for the model and photographer is that they will use the shots when complete and then pay an agreed usage fee

There are alot of good reasons to do spec bookings if you are just starting out in the business

  • You get new photos.
  • You are working with a potential future client.
  • You may get a tear sheet from the booking if the client goes ahead and uses the shot. Win! Win.


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