Teenage Models

Teenage models in the industry are known as juniors. The Junior Market is thriving as more and more teen specialty shops are opening in malls to fill the shopping demand for this age group.

Teenage Models Requirements

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  • Teenage girls can be between the height of 5'9 - 5'10 some can be 5'7 - 5'8 depending on the girl if they have a great look, with expressive eyes, great smile and bubbly personality.
  • It is very important that a girl can move well in front of the camera and be very animated.
  • A great way to learn movement is have a friend take photo's just having fun with the camera and learning how to be expressive with lots and lots of smiles.
  • Teen girls must take direction well, be on time for photo shoot, castings and all appointments.
  • Teenage girls can be between the ages of 13 and 21 and this is based on how mature the girl is at l3. Many girls work junior's after 21, it just depends on if she still has great energy, clear skin and looks like she can still be in school.
  • Teenage Models must stay fit ,the size is between size 2 and 6.
  • The size is based on the sample of the clothes for Teenage Models.
  • Junior clothes tend to be cut small.
  • There is no weight requirement it is just a matter of clothing falling correctly on the girl's body.
  • Girls have to pay special attention to staying healthy for beautiful skin, hair, body to become a Teenage Models.
  • Girls should drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep.

How to Submit Photos

As previously discussed - girls can mail in photos via post to New Faces Division of the modeling agencies.

You can submit photos via email - send two clear photographs, one should be a head shot with a smile, the other a body shot taken in a swimsuit or in shorts and tee shirt.

Please make sure photos are not blurry, and that no other girls or guys are in the photo.

Please only add a brief description of yourself. Include your height, age, size and if you have any modeling experience.

Teenage girls can go to an open call at a modeling agency - this is the favored way of models-fashion-advice to submit photographs as the booking agents and New Faces director can see the girl in person and get a feel for her personality.

Call the agencies and find out when they hold open calls and make an appointment to go to the agency.

When going to visit the agency bring one or both parents as there are legal contract issues a parent must sign if the model is accepted to sign with the agency .

Girls should go to the open call dressed in clothes that make them feel comfortable, nothing too tight and clingy or too loose and baggy.

Hair and makeup should be kept very natural.

Hair brushed back off the face and little to no makeup.

Please bring with you the above photographs and if you have any professional photo's take those with you also.

Please do not feel bad if the agency does not accept you right away there are lots of girls at open calls and who submit photos to the agency.

Many famous models were not signed on their lst try ,or 2nd they worked hard at learning the business and themselves and re- submitted photo's or tried other agencies.

If you are not signed to an agency and it is the industry that you really want to work in .. there are plenty of other exciting jobs within modeling that all make up the big modeling picture.

Some of the other opportunities include stylists, agents, set director, photographers - just find your skill that is in fashion and work at it .

While working on your modeling career you may find an opportunity in this exciting field climate change jobs. Be on the cutting edge in this fast moving industry.

What To Expect

Tips On Moving In Front Of The Camera From Top Photographers

Model consulting, how to become a model

Teenage Models can expect to work with department store catalogs, specialty junior stores, print advertising, teen magazines as more and more are hitting the news stands.

Teenage girls are the cheerleaders of the industry and should always to happy and look like they are having fun with a great attitude.

Photo shoots can get long with alot of waiting between shots so the junior girl is who keeps the set moving and keeps everyone smiling.

Tween Models

There is a new wave of modeling that falls between the junior girls and the child models - this is known as the Tween Market .

Tween girls are younger teens between the ages of 10 and 12.

There is much responsibility placed on the parent of Tween girls as they are too young to drive to shoots or castings so this leaves the parent to have to be able to go with the girls.

There is much demand for this market as shoppers are very savy at a very young age.

They are already sold by the tv and in the magazines but more importantly by their friends on what products they want to buy.

Juniors and Tweens must always keep one thing in mind have a great attitude and Have Fun !


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