Talent Models

The two main categories of Talent Models:
1. Fashion models - Commercial models
2. Female Models Fashion

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We will set a guide through this site that we will follow for all model types.

The First is Model Requirements

Talent Fashion Models are generally between the ages of 20 and 26 depending on model can go a little younger and many models who have been in the industry and have great portfolio books can go well into 30's and 40's.

The height of female fashion models is 5'9 - 5'11. The typical fashion model is a size 6 - 8 some a size 4 .

Fashion models are required to have a good portfolio, be very good in front of the camera with natural movement, have a great smile, good hair - for younger models hair can be longer than the shoulder but over 24 years old it should be just at shoulder or above depending on model and also depending on if model is a lingerie model .

Lingerie Models tend to have longer hair as it looks softer and sexier for photos.

Hair color can range from Blonde - natural blond , or blonde highlights , or colored blonde as long as it is not "bleached looking" . There are many blondes who are in the industry with platinum blonde hair as long as it fits her look and demand is still high for bookings with it , it is ok.

Brunette, chestnut, or light brown, all shades if natural looking Red hair as long as it is a strawberry blonde coloring unless her red hair is beautiful and works with the models look.

Talent Models must have an excellent smile with no gaps, chips, or unevenness - there are many cosmetic procedures for correction - contact a cosmetic dentist for what would be best for you.

Talent Models must have personality and show expression well in front of the camera. A good model can sell a product with her eyes telling the story.

Talent Models must know how to move their body in front of the camera and know what angles work best for the photographer.

Talent Models have to stay very active working outan exercise routine on a regular basis and staying on a healthy diet.

A healthy model has shiny hair, beautiful skin that has to with stand hot camera lights and constant changes by hair stylists Healthy manicured nails and beautiful soft hands.

Talent Models must be very in tune with their look and body and take time to relax between shoots and travel.

They should drink plenty of water to replenish skin and use a good moisturizer to keep skin from breakouts from all the different cosmetics always applied for different looks.

Talent Models must have a good working attitude as there are many different people and personalities on the shoot. They must also show up on time for every booking and casting .

There is also parts modeling - where talent must have one of more excellent body parts - there are parts models in the following areas of talent:

  • hand modeling - Talent Model must have beautiful long fingers no visible marks or scars.
  • leg modeling - Model must have well defined legs, no visible marks, scars.
  • feet modeling - the size for foot modeling is usually a six 6 - 7 shoe / sometimes they will use a size 8.
  • body modeling - these models have excellent bodies, well defined legs, stomach, abs, back, shoulders.

How to submit photos to the modeling agencies

The number one way to submit photos is to go to the agency in person or as it is called an" open call" for new models to see the agents at the agency.

When you go to the agency you should look very natural . Clean hair and skin( little to no makeup), clothes that reflect your style with out being to tight or too loose, clean lines and neat.

Bring with you photos if you have professional bring them along if not take a few snap shots with you , make sure the photos are clear , not blurry with no one else in photo with you , not too trendy clothing and not to revealing in any way.

Aspiring models can email their photos to the agency if they have one , again follow rules above.

You can also mail them from the post office to the agency be sure to include all measurements, sizes and if you have experience or not. Be honest here .. they will know.

What to expect

Fashion models are the most sought after in the industry and you can work in catalogs for department stores, specialty stores, print for advertising agencies, billboards, cosmetic campaigns .

Talent, models-fashion make up the runway and are the girls you see on the" catwalks" runways.

Magazine shoots or as they are called Editorial Shoots, Magazine Covers.

There are many opportunities awaiting the Women of Fashion.

And the agencies are always looking for that" New Girl".

The agencies have scouts out there looking, contests, model searches .... Just looking for who will be Next Big Star !

Next We Will Discuss Talent- Commercial Models

Talent Models Booking Agents

Modeling Opportunities

Hand modeling - Model must have beautiful long fingers no visible marks or scars

International Modeling Agent -Michael Evans Of MPE Model Management

Michael P. Evans (M.P.E) began his prosperous career as a model in 1980. He spent all of his spare time in the gym, sculpting his body for his entrance into the European market. He would test with as many photographers that he could.

Finally, someone was willing to give the boy from Baltimore a chance. Kay Mitchell, owner of Legends Modeling Agency gave him the one opportunity he was looking for. With her company, Michael acquired three major campaigns; Harvey Bristol Cream, Appple├ęssence (hair product) and Benson & Hedges cigarettes. His exotic good looks and slender figure made Michael one of the most marketable models and talent in his time, which is unusual because unlike other models, Michael began his career at the age of thirty.

Before Michael hit the streets of New York he was a flight attendant for Eastern Airlines. He was the first African-American male to hold such a position. He traveled to Milan, Paris, and all over the U.S. In doing this Michael experienced what is required for most models, travel. He knew that he wanted to journey back to these places some day but under different circumstances. He knew that he wanted to return as a model.

After gaining recognition in New York, he continued his journey westward to Los Angeles, California. He began modeling with Mary Webb Davis. His first booking was for the Broadway and he his career really began to take off afterward. The clients he went to work for liked Michael so much that he worked four days out of the week, which was extraordinary then and still very good now. After competing in the L.A. market, Michael decided to return to New York to continue his prosperous modeling career, where, even today, Michael is still a successful model.

Now, Michael has taken his vast knowledge of the business and applied it to his new company MPE. He is has also become the fashion editor of the popular, Baltimore/Washington based, magazine, THE FLYWIRE.

With his knowledge of modeling and his experience as an agent, Michael has developed an unbeatable system that will make you a world renowned model in the industry.

Michael has worked with and developed many of the top models and talent that you see in catalog, magazines and on the runways. He is now taking his developing of models to the Miss New Jersey & Miss Delaware Pageants.. and making the girls shine.

We asked Michael what are the most important things for a Talent Model to be successful and his response was :
  1. "drive" - the model has to want to be in the business
  2. A good book
  3. Know how to move in front of the camera
  4. The right attitude
  5. Beauty first then height
  6. MPE Model Management

The modeling industry can be so competitive that you may want to have some minor cosmetic surgery to help gain access to more jobs or feel better about your look. Dr. Angelo Cuzalina suggests that if this crosses your mind you should always consult with 2-3 professional plastic surgeons before making any decisions to update your look for the industry.

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