Plus Size Model Agent

Interview with Aida Brigman Modeling Agent for Click Model Management of New York.

Plus Size Model Agent tips from Aida Brigman:

  1. Grooming is everything. Clean manicured fingers and toenails.
  2. Hair should always be clean, healthy, and trimmed. If you have color no roots should show.
  3. Healthy skin is a must. Drink lots of water and eat healthy.
  4. Straight white teeth.
  5. Model should always be sure of herself at castings and at bookings. Don’t be shy but at the same time friendly and personable.
  6. A model should test regularly. It is important to update your book constantly. Remember fashion is constantly changing.
  7. Have a workout regiment. Having a toned body is a must.
  8. On a booking or a casting a model should never complain about clothing and makeup she does not like.
  9. Once you have made the decision to become a model and an agency has taken you on always be prepared to go on a casting or a booking at the last minute.

Plus Size Model Agent Aida works with some of the Top Plus Size Models in the industry and with the top booking clients Including, Macy's, Charming Shops, Just My Size, Slim-Fast, Lane Bryant, to name a few.

Some of Click's top plus models include:

  • Sage Salzer
  • Becca Thorpe
  • Lucy Kova
  • Heather Denene

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We wish to thank Aida for sharing with us her plus size model agent tips and look forward to more advice and tips from Aida.


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