The Photographic Models

photographic model

Photographic Models:

  • Swimsuit Models
  • Lingerie Models
  • Beauty Models

Swimsuit Girls.. or better known as the Bikini Model.

Beach Baby , Beach Baby there in the Sand ....

The Bikini Model can be found in exotic locations like the Islands, and the most beautiful beaches in the world!

Requirements for Photographic Models

  • Swimsuit, Lingerie and beauty models don't have to be quite as tall as their fashion counterparts.
  • Girls can be between 5'6 - 5'11 some even depending on girl can be 5'5.
  • Body is what counts most with these models.
  • They should be athletic with great legs and toned bodies.
  • The girls are perfectly proportioned between chest, waist, hips.
  • Photographic Models have to be able to look like they are having fun with great personality and big smiles :)
  • Most swim and beauty girls tend to have longer hair. Having full shinny hair is a plus.
  • Expressive Eyes - and know how to connect with the camera.
  • Models have to be comfortable in tiny swimsuits, one piece swimsuits, and lingerie and be able to move well in front of the camera.
  • Girls should have beautiful skin and perfect teeth and work out to stay toned.
  • Lingerie models have to be able to move in little wardrobe and make it look classy.
  • Many Swim and Lingerie models know how to do their own hair and makeup as shooting on locations on beaches sometimes there are no stylists.
  • Girls have to be able to have athletic ability and they are running on beaches or climbing in waterfalls or on rocks to get the perfect shot.
  • Sometimes these shoots can be physically demanding.
photographic model

How to submit photos to agencies

Look for agencies that have sports models or who book a lot of beauty, lifestyle work.

You can email photos to agencies or send in post or go to open calls.

Models should send in photos that have a smile, show body in swim or tank and shorts, and show off legs. If the girl has one body part that is exceptional she should accent it with the right swimsuit. Before taking photos model should have beautiful smooth skin.

If going to an open call bring a swimsuit with you or wear nice lingerie under clothing in case agency would like to polaroid you in it for files.

What to expect

There is a lot of work in the beauty bizz for the right girls and not every girl is cut out to be a glamour girl. So don't feel bad if it is not for you . There is alot of competition with girls who are athletes and because the height is easy than that of the fashion girls many try for these bookings.

Girls can expect to work catalogs, billboards, calendars, music video's ( keep in mind that many of the girls in the music video's are also professional dancers). So for girls with dance background .. that is a plus and always remember To Have Fun!!

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