Modeling Opportunities

Modeling Opportunities or Jobs

modeling opptunity

Runway shows - designer fashion shows, department store shows, charity fashion shows.

Print Magazine - Ads can be commercial advertising or fashion advertising.

Print Catalog - Department Store or specialty store catalogs.

Lingerie Catalog/Swimsuit - Brochure, or catalog of newest lines of clothing or sale items.

Commercial Tv Ads - Most are Union or Non Union bookings.

Reality Tv Shows - Tv Shows based on real life people or celebrity in real time.

Movies - Contract to be leading role or supporting cast or day players.

Calendar - Can be model in single month or used for entire calendar, a different setting for each month.

Billboards - Oversized ad taken from photo shoot to be used in outdoor advertising.

Advertising Campaign - Model to be used in different mediums for one client, print, tv, web.

For national and sometimes international usage.

Cosmetic Campaigns - Hair, makeup and fragrance advertising.

Trade Shows - Car shows, boat shows, home shows, health shows, models to promote a booth for client and their products.

Promotional Models - Promotion of new products in stores, malls, in cities, at large events, convention centers.

These are just some of the bookings that models are hired to do work for.

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