Child Models

Your Little Super Star

How do you get your child into modeling?

Child models are in all mediums of advertising:

  • Print
  • TV
  • Movies

You have an adorable child and you want to have your child appear in ads, magazines, so what do you do?

child models

Their are many very good children's agencies - Yes, our recommendation is for your child to work with an agency.

The first step is to take some photos of your child to see:
  • if they like being in front of the camera
  • what their temperament is in front of the camera
  • if they can take simple direction from you

If the child likes to have his or her picture taken and likes to move around with your direction .. then you can call some of the child agencies.

When first going to the agency you do not have to have professional photos a few snap shots will be fine:

  • One full length shot
  • One smile head shot
  • Maybe a few more playful shots
  • photos should be clear
    • In focus
    • No other children in photos
If you are emailing or send photos via post then you should include :
  • Childs age / date of birth
  • height
  • up to date sizes
  • shoe size
  • if there are any missing teeth
  • if the child can read
child models

The next step is to visit with the agencies you have contacted, or have contacted you back after your photo submission to them.

Some of the agencies you will visit with may charge a consultation fee, the fee can be anywhere from $25 to $75 for the consultation. We don't recommend that you spend any more than these figures .. unless you are getting something more for your money.

Some of the agencies will have a head sheet( or head book it's sometimes called) for child models, or a modeling web site - use your discretion if you will or will not have your child be in them . The agencies always have a fee for both. Sometimes it is the only way for clients to see your child.

There should be no other charges unless you are having your child take acting classes. Really use your discretion here.

Modeling agencies take a commission for modeling jobs that they get for your child anywhere from 10% - 25% depending on the agency.

Some agencies will let the child work with just snapshots.
Some will want an 8"X10" professional photo of your child.

Much of the requirements for child modeling falls on the parent or parents as it is a must to go on castings or go see's for children - most clients want to see children in person as they change in appearance so quickly.

The parents or parent must be prepared for travel to and from castings, photo shoots, and bookings.

Child Models Requirements

What agencies look for in child models?

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Some agencies work with child models for catalog and look for specific sizes - sample sizes:
  • six months
  • eighteen months
  • twenty four months
  • two and two t
  • 5 and 6
  • 8 -10
  • 12 -14
as a guideline on sample sizes:
  • Good personalities
  • Children with alot of expression
  • well behaved on set
  • Children who are animated

We won't say children who are cute and adorable .. we think all children are. So children must have that little extra sparkle, it can be in the eyes, in the smile .. just something that is a little extra special.

Child must be able to project and move well in front of the camera.

And Have Fun !

Child Modeling Agencies

Click Kids
610 399 0700

FFT Models
381 Park Avenue South
Suite 821
New York, NY 10016

Product Model Management
555 Eighth Ave. #710
New York, N.Y. 10018

Kiddin Around Models & Talent Inc.
1876 DeFoor Ave. Bldg. 7
Atlanta, GA 30318
Telephone (404) 350-4145

300 Park Avenue South, 2nd Floor,
New York, NY 10010,

Attention: Kids Division
Offices -Ny, La, Miami

Cunningham, Escott & Dipene
Los Angeles
Tel. 310.475.3336
New York
Tel. 212.477.6622

Expressions Model and Talent
telephone 215 923 4420

CV Talent Group
34 Mill St
Mt Holly NJ 08068
email -

Kim Dawson Agency, Inc.
1645 Stemmons Freeway
Suite B
Dallas, TX 75207
telephone(214) 638-2414

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