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So who is Models Fashion Advice ?

My name is Renee' and I have over 15 years experience in the modeling industry! I have worked both as a professional model and as an agent for one of New York City's top modeling agencies. Over the years I have booked models on photo shoots in St Lucia, Cover shoots for national magazines, editorial shoots from Seventeen to Vogue..

After years of booking models on modeling assignments I have decided to answer the question - How do I become a Model? And so I started Models Fashion Advice. We are your online guide to all things Models and Fashion! 

We know how difficult it is to find the right answers to your questions . We At Models Fashion Advice are here to help you .

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What is a model ?

There are many different types of Models. Let's break them down into categories :

  • Fashion Modeling
  • Female Model
  • Male Model
  • Teenage
  • Top Models
  • Commercial Modeling - Acting
  • Editorial Models
  • Plus Size Models
  • Child Models
  • Glamour Modeling
  • Sports Models
  • Promotional Modeling
  • Runway Modeling

As you can see there are many opportunities for You to work in this exciting industry and make money doing what you love to do. Models travel on photo shoots around the world to beautiful locations..

You have seen all the Ads, catalogs, magazines, TV - where do these models come from? Models Fashion Advice gets hundreds of emails a day asking this very question. We will answer it for you.

So who are these models ? female models, male models ..

They are professional Models and 99% are represented by the modeling agencies through out the world..

How does a young girl in a small town in Sweden see herself on the Cover of American Vogue Magazine?

Well she will submit her local modeling agencies her photos and if she has the Look and talent, and the Drive to do it - Her local agency will submit her photos to Top Agencies in Paris, Milan, England, Germany and America - to be see by the editors of Vogue - To be photographed for the Cover!

And that begins the jet setting life of a Super Model !

Only about 2% of all models become Super Models - they are composed of girls and guys from all over the world. Models represented by small agencies in their countries from Brazil which seems to be home of the super model these days to South Africa to the United States with Russian models to be the next wave for the runways.

So if you are on a small farm in the Midwest or on the Beaches of Florida where do you start? Do You Have The Look?

What is the Look ?

Korina Korka Well it changes day to day - one day it may be that the industry loves tall blondes - the next day it may be the industry loves brunettes. So who is this industry?

The Modeling Industry is made up of the Modeling Agencies, The designers, The Advertising Agencies, The Photographers and Magazines, and Catalog houses to Yes the Models with a million people in between from the Stylists and Makeup Artists to Set Designers.

The Modeling Industry sets the careers of many, many people with so much opportunity to be a part of it. The Modeling Industry is a machine!

So What is the main reason for the Modeling Machine to exist?

Yes! To Sell Products - From the latest fashions from Milan to the car parked in your driveway. And Sell they do billions and billions of dollars every year.

So do you have the "Look" and can you Sell Products?

We your guide Models Fashion Advice will take you step by step.

Let's start here with the different categories of Modeling and your chance to be a part of it!

We will start with Fashion Modeling !
  • Female Models
  • Male Model
  • Teenage
  • Top Models
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And the most important thing to always remember is-

Have fun !